For Audition Coaching/Master Classes:
Representation: Abrams Artists Agency
NY: Ron Gwiazda 646-461-9325
For Director/Choreographer:
"Working with Dennis is a joy! Fun and laughter are the norm and, even in the most dramatic of moments, the atmosphere never grows heavy. He provides a safe, supportive, nurturing environment in which to play and explore. His insight and experience pinpoint the actor's intuition and inherent theatricality guiding them to engrossing performances of spontaneity and heart. I'm always looking for the next opportunity to work with Dennis and his direction has produced performances of which I am proudest." - Stephen Hope
"I will steer anyone your way without hesitation and with much praise for your insight and talents. One of my finest, most professional and positive, organized, time efficient, insightful, encouraging yet, honest and direct - directors." - Lauren Hathaway
"Having worked with Dennis on a show before, I knew he was amazingly talented. Yet even I couldn't imagine how terrific it was working with him on a one-on-one coaching session. I can't think of another time where I feel I have grown more as an actor or singer in such a short span. Five stars. I'd recommend working with Dennis to anyone."- Ryan Williams
"Do not miss out on the BEST coach I have ever had! If you have been looking for someone to help with theatre, musical theatre, tv or film, Dennis is the REAL DEAL! I cannot rave enough!!!" - Pamela Bob


Master Classes/Audition Coach


Dennis Courtney

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"I worked with Dennis via Skype while preparing for a lead audition. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease we were able to work by video. I expected this format to be distracting and it was not; he might as well have been in the room with me. Dennis is straightforward (which I hold in high regard), not egotistical, and precise in his feedback. He is extremely kind in his approach but never fails to make a powerful point. Dennis took my audition songs to a new level. He had me connecting to the text in a whole new way. By the time I went into the audition I was confident in my skills, laser focused, and in it for me. With Dennisís help, I found my authentic-self in my audition and was able to enjoy the experience without a focus on the outcome; I was truly able to remain present. If you want that extra edge in your audition, I highly and happily recommend Dennis!"
-Kelli Workman
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